Happy Birthday Dad

I am a very blessed person to have the Father that I do. Reflecting on all that he is today brings me to tears. I’m not one to be completely transparent on Social Media, but this man posts about me all the time, to the point where I am annoyed in the most blessed way (haha). So today I have decided to write about him.

I am so thankful for the people who believed in him. For my incredible Uncle Steve, who rolled him out of bed on Sundays. To the little UB church that treated him with Christ’s love and discipled him. His life has been a testimony of miracles and one of the reasons why I feel called and devoted to tell people about Jesus is because of his testimony.

My Dad has pushed me to work hard at everything I do, to love from the center of who I am. To never lose compassion for others and to never compromise my love for God for stupid things. He has also given me a clear example of what a husband should be and he is always ready to remind me of that. I am also always amazed at his character, the way I know him at home is the same way that everyone knows him. Needless to say, I am very thankful and humbled to have the Father that I do. I would not trade him for anyone else. 

Thank you Dad for living your life humbly and faithful to God. I wish I could be with you today! Happy Birthday Daddy!




5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Aw Abby – what a great tribute to your Dad! He truly is a great father – you and your brothers are an example of his great parenting and love! We have been blessed by you kids and we are proud to be your Grandparents. Farm Grammi and Gran’pa

  2. That is the most beautiful card any parent could wish for from their child. Wiping away happy tears after reading this. Not only are you a great man Nathan Lynn , you and Wendy have raised some great kids. Love ya all.

  3. What a wonderful birthday tribute to your dad. Just you writing what you did about him is a great tribute to the kind of man and father he is and the kind of daughter he raised 🙂 Happy birthday “young” man, have a wonderful God blessed day. Teaching your children about Christ is the best gift you can give yourself and them. God bless you all and thanks for sharing.

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