the beginning of a new song

Begged that I could go with you

so i could return to the place I love

but you said to stay right where I was

I want to go in planes and cars 

touch the world to touch your heart

to mend the brokenness…..

Lately I have been singing and dreaming about leaving this “place”. My daydreams have many flaws and I feel like this is one of them… God has been working on my heart that to touch the world I am to go where he has called me. He has called me to his heart and his heart is Everywhere and Everyone. The need of his love is in great demand in the places I tend look at last. It is my time to reach out to the ones who I see everyday. I believe that God’s love is the most powerful thing in the universe, just a little goes a long way. So who will you love today right where you are at. We only have one life so make every moment count.


2 thoughts on “the beginning of a new song

  1. Such good thoughts – require actions! You inspire me Miss Abigail – I love you so much!!!
    Hugs today from your Grandma!!!

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