I’m still putting the pieces back together

I never let you go

you always will be in my soul

so I’ll sing this lullaby hoping you’re safe tonight

and I pray that you sleep like a normal child

and I pray that your eyes close tightly

i’ll never let you go

you’re branded into my soul

so when my eyes close I see your button nose

and those sweet red pajamas that were your clothes

so I’ll sing you this lullaby hoping your dreams come true

i hardly knew you but what I do know is my love for you


A few weeks ago I was sitting in the mountains of Haiti trying to comprehend their beauty, trying to understand the way of life I was witnessing, trying not to cry from being overwhelmed…I find myself here now still putting these pieces back together. I see these children’s faces, and I find myself unable to breathe. It’s mostly because I long to be with them. The memories were so beautiful. My team became my best friends. As I stepped off the plane from Miami to Detroit I had a terrible ache in my heart. I still am putting the pieces back together. So many thoughts race through my mind before I go to bed. I wonder if the little boy in the fleece pajamas who I held for hours was fed tonight. I can’t bear the feelings of knowing the truth. So was much of me was changed in such a little time and I’m still processing, still changing from the inside out. I will never truly be the same that I was when I stepped onto the plane from Detroit to Miami, but I am still putting the pieces back together.



5 thoughts on “I’m still putting the pieces back together

  1. Hey Abby girl –
    I think Elyse feels the same way. You guys should talk – or maybe you already have. Beautiful pictures. I’m glad you guys got to go together.
    Blessings and thanks for driving safely with my girl in your car 😉

  2. Abby, you are such an incredibly talented person. Your insight, perspective and heart are such an inspiration to me. Your passion and the pictures you posted are very powerful. I really enjoyed hearing your story. It is encouraging to see what great things our God has yet to come for you. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It’s very hard to look at these pictures because like you it makes me think whether or not they have had food or water since we have last saw them. At the same time thou, They remind me of a week where God changed all of us one face at time. It was an amazing trip!

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