A Shout OUT to my Hero


I walk down this road
the road we call life
kinda stumble sometimes
I try to get up but I just fall down
need a hand sometimes
 I look back I see you
tearing up sometimes
I can see that I bring you pain sometimes
I wish I could wipe those tears
wish I could be your rock
but a wish doesn’t erase those fears
and tears are good enough
Without you I’d never get up
I’d always give up
I’d never smile, only once in a while
without you I don’t know who i would be
a lot of who you are is shaping me
I need your laugh to carry me thru
sometimes Daddy I just need you
we need eachother to get thru the tough
and to smile when it’s over bein rough
I hurt deep when I let you down
and sometimes I just want you to always be around,
I can’t imagine myself walking thu life without you by my side
you are my hero
who I want to be 


Dad you are  my Hero.

4 thoughts on “A Shout OUT to my Hero

  1. I am honored. You never let me down. I am proud of you and honored to be your hero. I will continue to press on to live a life that will always make you proud to be my daughter and the daughter of our King. Thanks Abby, the best Father’s day ever!

  2. How beautiful Abby-girl! We are all so very proud of you and love you so so muchly!!! You are a wonderful blessing to our family…and you are right – your Dad is a HERO!!! We are proud of him too!!!
    Hugs always – Farm Grammi

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