Today I just felt very inspired… so I put my hair up in an “Abby ponytail” a waterfall of hair, and rolled up my sleeves (I had no sleeves on) and pulled out a canvas. 

This is me in the process of making art. Slightly scary yet very fun! I look forward to summer afternoons where I have more time to write, paint, and read.

Any type of inspiration I have normally comes from the Lord. Haha, seriously though with out Jesus my creativity would be nothing. Sometimes I just have to take one glance at his creation to see how amazing he is. And to remember he made EVERYTHING, all the Beauty, he made the SUNSHINE! It is truly inspiring! 

This is not the final outcome of painting but it’s close. I included in curly lettering “Inspiration Surrounds me”

Be inspired by the ultimate inspirer. 



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