So yes as you can see today was Wednesday… hmm and the title of this post has nothing to do with this post. CURVEBALL! I just love saying Wednesday just like that: Wed-Nes-Day. Today has been an overall really good day. I mean it had its low… waking up late for school (totally my fault). But I can honestly say that my High of this day was just a few minutes ago when I experienced my very first Shamrock Milkshake from McDonalds. I now have a new definition for delicious. I’ve also had some time to spend with Jesus tonight and got to look over a verse I really love:

Romans 12:29 Do not be overcome by evil, but over come evil with good.

What an awesome verse.We have to overcome the evil. Be the LIGHT in the Darkness.

 A truth that I have learned is that the closer you are to Jesus the brighter you will shine. The bolder you will be. I just want to encourage you tonight to overcome whatever is going down, with Good.. and Good can equal love, joy, peace. Whatever reflects JESUS. Be the change. Over come the Evil. Love Changes Everything.


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